Doubting Thomas

P!$$ed Off Sheep

I have lots of plans. Some are even well designed. Large amounts of hope and passion are regularly invested in them. I even go to the trouble of putting them on God’s radar, just so he can adjust his own machinations accordingly. Then, almost daily, he disregards all my well thought out intentions and takes me somewhere else. My internet… Read more →

Creating Demons

I’ve never been what some call ‘hyper spiritual.’ While I believe in the supernatural, I don’t spend any significant amount of time dwelling on angels, devils, and the like. However, in the last few months, I’ve been seeing demons everywhere.   One of them has an orange tan and a poor comb over. Others have no face or structure, but… Read more →

Is this thing on?

  It’s sometimes easy to forget that Christians (along with most of the other religions) believe some strange stuff. We have faith that when we bow our heads, close our eyes, and send up silent or audible pleas, the maker of the universe actually listens to us. Think about that for a moment. It’s not like we have any definitive,… Read more →

Doubting Thomas

Growing up is strange. I assumed the advent of adulthood would have been a memorable, recorded event- a developmental baton handed from my adolescent self to a mature, responsible man. Not so much. Instead, the strongest realizations that I’m no longer a child come during the monthly arrival of utility bills or my excitement for a sale on kitchen utensils… Read more →